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We proudly provide expert realtime reporting for all your litigation needs, whether it is deposition, arbitration, hearings, motions or trial.

Scanlan Stone Reporters is a well-respected industry leader in trial court reporting. Our agency is based in San Francisco and serves clients nationwide.


    Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins;



    GO Compuer VS. Microsoft Corporation;



    DePuy ASR HIP System Cases;

    JCCP 4649


    Reglan/Metoclopramide Cases;



    Kuhlmann vs. Johnson & Johnson;



    Craigslist vs. eBay;



    Ambac Bond Insurance Cases;

    JCCP 4555


    CalPERS vs. Moody's;



    Yarway Corporation vs. Admiral Insurance;


Our Services

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Trial Reporting


Reporters with years of experience working with local judges provide interactive realtime to the bench and attorneys.  We work with you in trial from motions to verdict, also providing readback to the jury during deliberations.  We are intimately familiar with the appellate process and will coordinate with other reporters to provide transcripts on appeal.

Deposition & Arbitration Reporting


Timely, accurate transcripts when you need them.

Convenient Transcripts


We provide digitally signed transcripts in many formats to meet your needs including PDF, ASCII, E-Transcript, and condensed with word index.  Transcript/Exhibit linking is available. Daily copy, expedites and rough draft transcripts available.

Realtime / Internet Stream


We provide wireless realtime reporting and work with CaseView, LiveNote, Bridge, and Summation programs. You will receive instantaneous transcription on your laptop or iPad.  A rough draft transcript may be provided at day’s end in the requested format.  We can also provide live realtime transcripts over the internet.



Our videographers are professional legal video specialists who can provide video transcript synchronization. 



Our interpreters are certified professionals.  The interpreters that we work with are fluent in over 100 plus languages and specialize in the medical and legal terminology.  

Online Access


For easy 24/7 access to your transcripts and other documents, please click the blue Repository button at the top of the or simply visit If you need a login, please request one here.

Statewide Scheduling Assistance


Contact us to assist in scheduling your next out-of-town deposition.


Founder and CEO, Mary Ann Scanlan, has been reporting since 1990.  She was a freelance reporter for 15 years where she traveled extensively reporting high-profile cases in Taiwan and Europe.


In 2005 she joined San Francisco Superior Court where she worked as an official until 2011.  She has since been providing freelance reporting services in civil trials throughout the Bay Area.




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